2.5 Inch Front Lift Leveling Kit for 2002-2014 Dodge Ram 1500 2WD

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  • [DODGE APPLICATIONS] ONLY fits two-wheel drive. Compatible with: 2WD ONLY. 2002-2014 Ram 1500. Excludes Megacab.
  • This leveling unit does not come with installation instructions but is completely bolt-on; please consult a professional if you need support. Should take 2-4 hours to install and does not require any additional shock absorbers, cutting, welding, or other forms of modification.
  • Made from Heat Treated Carbon Steel, machined to exact specifications for optimal durability and fitment. Designed to be solid so that it does not bend or warp under stress and should last the lifetime of your vehicle.
  • Includes 2 lift spacers for a total lift height of 2.5" (2.5 inch). Note that your suspension geometry is not a 1:1 ratio meaning the actual item thickness is not equal to the lift height.
  • After installation suspension will be slightly stiffer. In addition, an alignment after installation is necessary to get the correct lift.
2002-2014 - Dodge - Ram 1500 2WD (Excludes Megacab)