6000K Combo LED Headlight Bulbs Fog Light 9005 9145 2X for Ford F150 2015-2019

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1.For DC 12 Volts
2.Package Content: 2 LED Light Bulbs (1 pair)
3.Color Tempurature: 6000K White
4.LED Type:100W LED
6.Product net weight: 53g
7. Cross Reference: H10 9145 9140
8. Application:Apply for fog driving light,daytime running light.

1. Becuase the LED bulbs have lower power cosumption, German brand name of cars may need to tap on Load Resistors to remove the error code on dashboard
2.The model is as the same as factory light, no need to change car wire rute,just Plug and Play, NO modification required Energy saving, environmental protection, Stable performance, through strict test, Use safer driving in the car
3.If they don't light after inserting into the socket, insert oppositely