Clutch Bearing Release Slave Cylinder for Ford Ranger Explorer F150 1995-1999

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Hydraulic clutches for manual transmissions use brake fluid to supply pressure to disengage the clutch from the engine. Pushing in the clutch pedal makes fluid flow from a master cylinder (or fluid reservoir) to the slave cylinder, which moves the pressure plate, allowing the driver to shift gears.

Installation Procedure:
Install the clutch slave cylinder to the transmission mount. Finger tighten the bolts and then tighten them at 1/8 turn.
Remove the plastic bag from the clutch hydraulic line. Install the clutch hydraulic line onto the slave cylinder.
Have a helper press the clutch pedal and hold it. Loosen the bleeder screw up and let the air out of the system. Tighten the bleeder screw and have the helper release the clutch pedal.
Remove the reservoir cap and top brake fluid off to the full line.

Packing Include:
1 Pcs Clutch Slave Cylinder