Cold Air Intake Filter Induction Kit Pipe Power Flow Hose System Car Accessories for Ram,Dodge

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100% brand new.
Color: Red
Pipe Size: about 76mm/3"(Diameter) X 260mm/10.3"(L)
Filter Size: about 150mm/5.9"(Diameter) X 145mm/5.7"(H)
Surface Finish: Durable Pipe in Quality Aluminum Finish
Universally fit to vehicle with the diameter of air intake hose measures at 76mm/3" or 64mm/2.5"(using inclusive reducer). Also applicable to air intake systems on modified on modified vehicles.
Total Features:
  • - 100% brand new (Never been used or installed)
  • - Optimize throttle reponse, improve torque and fuel / gas mileage
  • - Funnel-shaped air filter to direct cold air inward, boost air speed and generate
  • - Injection pipe in aluminum finish is durable and washable
  • - Filter made with dry density fibers for maximum protection from foreign materials entering the engine.
  • - Easy Fit for any 64mm / 76mm Air Intake Hose
  • - Reducer included for adjustment 64mm / 76mm
  • - This air intake kit system is the complete solution to optimize throttle response and generate explosive horsepower output.
  • - The aluminum injection pipe coupled with the funnel-shaped air filter allow cold airflow channeling leading to minimal intake turbulence, air speed boosting and, in turn, creating pure horsepower and improving fuel / gas mileage.
  • - The filter also features dry density fibers to obstruct foreign materials entering the engine.

Filter Features:
  • - High air flow with excellent filtration.
  • - Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration.
  • - Washable and reusable.
  • - Will not void vehicle warranty.
  • - Lasts up to 50000 KM before cleaning is required depending on driving conditions.
  • - Economical, a stainless air filter will last the life of your automobile.
  • - Easy high performance add-on.
  • - Environmentally friendly.