EGR Delete for 1986-1995 Ford F150 F250 2.8L 4.9L 5.0L 5.8L 7.5L Bronco EGR Simulator Eliminator Delete

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isconnect your stock EGR valve and breathe life into your motor, while keeping your check engine light off, but active for future problems! This is an EGR valve simulator, which plugs into the stock EGR wiring harness providing the ECU with a closed status; thus keeping the annoying CHECK ENGINE light off and available for other problem codes. Factory locking connector design plugs directly into the stock wiring harness.

EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation. This device prevents the engine from re-burning exhaust gases. Hence, the engine is always burning fresh fuel and air, thus making more power. It does not have any adverse effects on the motor, it actually helps by not allowing burned exhaust gasses back into the motor.


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Installation Instructions:
1. Disconnect wiring harness from EGR valve sensor and assure that connector is
clean and not corroded. Dielectric grease inside the connector is normal and
should not be removed.
2. Firmly insert the EGR Eliminator into the wiring harness until locking tab locks to
assure a good connection. Using electrical tape or a zip tie, secure the EGR
Eliminator and wiring harness to a solid object, such as a nearby wiring harness
to prevent the EGR Eliminator from bouncing and creating a bad connection in
the future.
3. Start the vehicle and check to assure the CEL (Check Engine Light) is not
illuminated. If the EGR Eliminator has a bad connection or has not been properly
installed, the CEL light should immediately illuminate upon start-up and remain
NOTE: After the EGR Eliminator is installed, when checking computer codes it is normal
to receive a code 33 / 332. Although this code exists, it will not trigger the CEL unless
other codes are also present.
WARNING: This device is intended for off-road / race track use only and federal law
prohibits removal or disabling any emission control device on any emission applicable
This is NOT an EGR defeat device, this device does not disable the EGR functions. It is
connected to the wiring harness to keep the check engine light off, yet remain functional
for other check engine light problems in off-road /race track applications, where EGR is
not applicable. The purchaser (end user) bears full responsibility for any decisions made
upon the end use of this item and all consequential liabilities thereof.

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