Engines Repair Tool Kit - Valve Spring Compressor for Ford 4.6L/5.4L/6.8L 3V

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  • This engine tool kit set is made of hardened chrome molybdenum steel with long-lasting black oxide finish.Effective anti-rust/corrosion and deformation protection with strong toughness.Resist high and low temperature.
  • Valve spring compressor tool for ford 4.6L 6.8L 3V,Similar to OE part number 6684 & Rotunda 303-1039. Allows a quick and easy service for Camshaft, Valve Seal, Valve Spring or Retainer.
  • Crankshaft positioning tool designs to align and hold the crankshaft of your Ford engine at TDC for correct timing chain installation. Cam Phaser Holding Tool saves your time and frustration on doing camshaft or cam phaser change job on your vehicle.
  • Cam phaser locking tool designed with a triangle shape with four holes to perfectly fits for your cam phaser.Timing chain locking tool is use to swap the camshaft or cam phaser work, push down the timing chain wedge tool between the timing chain and chain guides to maintain tension on the timing chain.
  • Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Same as Ford F5RZ-6A340-B, ensure the pulley and timing gears do not slip, it is a direct replacement part for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles.

Material:High standard structural steel or Aluminum material

What You Get:
1X Valve Spring Compressor tool
1X Cam Phaser Locking Tool
1X Crankshaft Positioning Tool
1X Crankshaft Pulley Bolt
2 X Cam Phaser Lockout.


Valve Spring Compressor tool:
Allows you to replace rocker arms, lash adjusters, and other valve components without removing the camshaft. Please make sure the arm that pushes on the spring retainer has a clear path downward. If this arm gets hung up on cast-in features of the head while attempting to compress the valve spring, undue stress may be put on the tool.

Crankshaft Positioning tool:
position the crankshaft at top dead center for correct timing chain installation. DO NOT rotate the crankshaft and/or camshaft(s) when removing the timing chain(s) and installing the cylinder heads. Because this is not a free-wheeling engine, if it has "jumped time" there will be damage to the valves and/or pistons, which will require the removal of the cylinder heads.

Cam Phaser Holding/Locking Tool:
Installed to torque the camshaft phaser boltto specifications according to the vehicle servicemanual and make your job much easier. To prevent equipment damage, use only hand tools for installation and removal of the camshaft phaser sprocket assembly.

Timing Chain Locking Tool:
Makes easily camshaft or cam phaser changes on your vehicle without losing chain tension and removing the timing cover. Do not remove the tool at any time during service. If the tool is removed, the timing chain will move out of time and the front cover will have to be removed to re-time the engine.

Cam Phaser Lock Out Kit:
Eliminate the noise and prevent it from reoccurring in the future when the worn phasers shift back and forth, triggering a valve timing adjustment as they move.

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Product fit and worked great


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EGR Delete for 1986-1995 Ford F150 F250 2.8L 4.9L 5.0L 5.8L 7.5L Bronco EGR Simulator Eliminator Delete

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so far so good

only had it for 4 days now and working good. it took 10 days to get it though.


I have an 046.0 tubing was too short. It was hitting the aluminum casing.


I already had one didn’t even open the package

Great product

Works as ad vertized-easy install


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I fit it and it made a lot of different in my car thank u

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Plate looks good. The provided hardware are the wrong thread pitch however. Shipping took a long time was close to 3 weeks.

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EGR Delete for 1986-1995 Ford F150 F250 2.8L 4.9L 5.0L 5.8L 7.5L Bronco EGR Simulator Eliminator Delete

6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Complete EGR Bypass and Valve Delete Kit for 2003-2010 6.0L Ford Powerstroke F250 F350 F450 F550

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So far so good, working on a 1987 Ford F 150 with a 5.0. EGR delete plate worked well. The allen screws did not fit, wrong thread, but it really wasn't a problem I just used the original bolts, and it worked just fine.